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Fourteenth Adjustment

Rise of the car-parking junta
(Dan Series Book 5)

Strangers with the...

...Eyes of Men: Supernatural thriller,
third in the Ankerita series

North Cyprus Pocket

A concise pocket guide to the country, for your own touring

Requiem for the...

...Forgotten Path: Supernatural thriller, second in the Ankerita series

One Man... North Cyprus

A light-hearted diary of a tour around this newly opened country

The Fifth Correction

Bawdy chaotic scifi adventure
(Dan Series Book 4)

Everone's Guide

Satirical look at how old people behave to be considered old people


Gothic horror. A Tudor woman reborn in the modern world

The September Affair

The ghost of a woman in white seen on a mysterious island


A modern take on an ancient myth in a ruined Greek temple

Starfire Flight

A modern Swallows and Amazons type adventure

Orinoco II - The Miracle

The Swallows and Amazons adventures continue

Stefan & the Sand-Witch

Modern day children's fairy-tale featuring witches

The Legend of Dan

A bawdy romp through time & space
(Dan Series Book 1)

Third Universe

Tom loses his life, his girl and a whole universe (Dan Series Book 2)

Into The Fourth Universe

Tom tries to stop four Universes collapsing (Dan Series Book 3)

One Man in a Bus - Sicily

A light-hearted tour diary in the jewel of the Mediterranean

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